Thursday, 29 January 2009

does the children of our society know enough about politcs?

I believe the time has come for us to truely ask ourselves this. the content of the eductaioon prodided for school children living in the uk does not suffice in including enough information about contemporary society and current day issues.
so many kids wonder the streets with a heat magazine in one hand and a cell phone in the other, blabbing not needed nonsense to whomever. our lives seem to be controlled by media and this large growth of technology. although many use it to find out about issues that are affecting the world we live in, many teenagers do not.
i have noticed that only that few majority who intrest themselves in politics and take it up in AS grade know enough information. maybe even if i hadnt taken it as an AS this year i wouldnt have know this much. how much do we really know abbout or society and our rights? we do not. especially those who are still young and hope to vneture in to the big wide world in the near future, are still not aware of even the heads of their very own government. about a while back i distinctly recall a conversation i had wth my old school friends about politics. and one stated how lousy tony blair was. The aatrosity in not even knowing who you are governed by shocked me.

I was up in romford the toher night, and heard a young, fuggish looking kid talking to his girlfreind about the amazing doings americas new president, Barack Obama will commit. however these kids dont even know the slightest about there own government and the country which thye live in. I find it very ridiculous. Although it is undertsandable that Obamas presidency stunned many ddrawing them into the wavelenth of politics in hope of change, this does not affect us too much. if there was to be an elction sometime soon and the conservatives where to win, many would be stunned by the change that would occur, and wish theyhad gotten involved. but unfortunately itll be too late. however all hope is not lost. we should educate high shcool kids on the goings on in society. on whats happening aorund the world, the terrors of war iwthin the middle east, the relaities of those less fortunate scattered around the world. This is all information we need to know, to suceed. so why does high school teach us certain things we do not need to know, like the length of the sea shores in brazil (geography), and the distance between X and Y (maths), when we are hidden from the facts of life.

I found the step into sixthform especially enlighteneing in shaping my current views as i was finally able to open a curtain which was tightly shut throughout my time as a highschooler. i was not taught such things as how to respond to certain parties and the diferences in there policies, or what to think on pverty and terorism. we were never encouraged nore taught to pick up the guardian or switch on the channel four news. That was all boring and uneventful events. whats the use of that when a classic episode of the sipsons is about to start. School, educationa nd our social life which is often built around shcool at that age shapes us into the adults we are yet to become, and the views we are yet to adopt. However it could be argued that this should not be the case. why are we not encourage to view the society form an earlier age? are we not capable of doing so? or are we being repressed iwthin a hidden totaltierian regime?

i believe at the evry least that kids must be educated in politics and general news. we must be enlightened about the world we would soon embark upon and run. Encouraged to pick up a newspaper, or go to shcool and have more varied converstaions, which include what recently happened in the local area, or whats going on in the rest of the country.

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